Thank you! I am so glad we took the class and would recommend it to anyone. I feel so much more prepared for childbirth thanks to having taken your class! Having my husband understand what is going to happen was really important to me, too. Having him understand my need for him to be a coach/ true participant in the process is extremely valuable.
I can’t thank you enough for spending your Mondays teaching us Bradley method. Although our birth wasn’t what was planned I feel like the prep we did with you helped us make informed decisions in a time where emotions and stress were high. We can’t wait to let you meet our little girl!
— Sydni, 2017
We learned so much and feel confident that we will succeed with a natural childbirth. You gave so many resources in paper and online. We look forward to getting to show off our baby and share our story.
I delivered my first born baby 5 months ago just hours after leaving my final Bradley method class with Sara. She is a fantastic instructor. Very well informed, inspiring, and realistic. I had a natural, intervention free birth which I felt very prepared for. I thought I would forget everything I learned but I found myself very aware, confident, and comfortable with what was happening every step of the way. I owe a lot of my confidence to Sara! I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to educate and prepare themselves for the journey of natural, partner assisted birth.
— Chrisitina, 2015
There are so many choices when it comes to having a baby, but choosing to take classes with St. Elizabeth’s Gift was one of the best we made. Sara is an excellent instructor, and she helped us feel thoroughly prepared for labor and bringing our newborn home. The labor I had was a much more beautiful, and bearable experience after we took these classes than we had with my firstborn. Even when we had some complications arise, I felt thoroughly prepared for them. Additionally, I have recovered from birth faster this time around because these classes kept me healthy, and helped minimize the amount of postpartum complications.
I love that Sara (through the Bradley Method) encourages your birth to be husband coached, as I have never felt closer to my husband than I did as I watched him lovingly and graciously lead me through labor. It certainly was a beautiful thing, and I know he felt confident in his role because of the things he learned through these classes.
— Heather, 2015
By the end of our time with Sara, we felt so knowledgeable about our birth, our plan and the first few days with our new baby. Sara was incredibly informative, having actually had her own baby during our 12 week course. I strongly feel Bradley Method is the most informative and helpful of all the birth coaching options. My husband and I were unified in our ideas about our birth and that has translated to our unification with how we raise our daughter. Having the husband as an active and pivotal member of the birth team meant that he had a voice and a role in bringing our daughter into this world. His role as coach and supporter has not stopped once I gave birth. It continued through breastfeeding, sleepless nights, sickness and everything else associated with having a newborn.
— Gabrielle, 2014
I was so inspired by my Bradley Birth experience from becoming educated through Sara’s class that I am now also going through the process to be an instructor. It is so contagious that you want to share the experience and spread the knowledge to others so they may also utilize this method during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum. I had given into drugs for pain at that transition stage with my 1st two but with my 3rd I made it beyond with the wonderful assistance of my husband and labor support team because of the Bradley Method trained techniques we had learned in class! I was thrilled to not take the chance again with the risks involved to go the drug route that 3rd time around. It was a supernatural experience for my husband and I together to bring our son into the world!
— Danielle, 2014