I'm Sara (no 'h' despite what the folks at Starbucks usually write on my cup) and this is my crew. I'm wife to Z, mommy to K (6), HG (3), and S (1).
I'm a Catholic convert, a Natural Childbirth Educator, a crafter and Etsy shop owner, an essential oil lover, a movie buff, a chocoholic, a wannabe foodie, and a once-upon-a-time dancer. I'm a professional self-critic trying to find my footing in parenting, Catholicism, and life in general. 

I started this blog back in 2009 as a simple way to keep family and friends updated on our newlywed life in the Peach State. It's evolved quite a bit over the years, most recently in name, but is still a place where I can share, vent, ask, teach, and grow. I like gabbing about family life, parenting, pregnancy/childbirth, and basically whatever else has camped out in my cranium long enough to talk about. 

Welcome to our little slice of crazy!

The family is, forgive me, it is a factory of hope, of life, of resurrection. God was the one who opened that path
— Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome