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My Mush: 9 months

I'm a little late getting HG's 9 month update posted but we've been passing the plague around the house. Or, rather, mush man and I passed the plague. After developing a scary cough and suffering through a very sleepless night I took HG to the doctor last Saturday to find he tested positive for RSV. His lungs were still clear, thank goodness, so he didn't need any breathing treatments, just lots of sleep and snuggles which I was well equipped to provide. I almost wished he needed the breathing treatments so I could have felt like I was doing something more to help him feel better. Sick babies are the worst. A few nights of sleeping ON me {and no other way} I inevitable caught some form of his cold and am still plowing through tissue boxes like a pro. HG still wasn't feeling any better after a few days and had started spiking more fevers and throwing up after almost every time he ate so I took him back to the doctor to have the pediatrician tell me he had, "the worst ear infection I've seen in weeks". I was equal parts heartbroken and relieved because with an ear infection I could get some antibiotics in him and get him on the road to recovery. He's back to his old self again - smiling and getting into everything - so we were finally able to get his monthly photo taken! But enough about the plague passing, onto the stats.

  • New solids: kiwi, mango, pickle, smoothie, cherry, butternut squash
  • Mastering pincer grasp
  • Cut teeth #5 and #6
  • Took his first steps (January 22) Crawling is still is primary mode of transportation but he loves 'walking' from one piece of furniture to the next and gets more steps in-a-row each day! We're in trouble!
  • Now clearly says "mama" and "dada"
  • Peed off the landing... and onto mommy.
  • Quite content 'playing' on his own - he's such a little explorer!
  • Consistently wearing 9 month clothes... and some 9-12 and 12 months!
  • Bath time is still his favorite, especially when he spots his reflection in the faucet and goes to investigate.
  • Super mama's boy. He's fine if someone else picks him up when I'm not around but if he catches a glimpse of me he'll start fussing and try to get to me.
  • Loves pushing his big sister around the kitchen in her little cart.
  • Has giggle fits when his big sister spins him around the kitchen in his high chair.
  • 'Dances' when he hears music.
  • Sits with Granddaddy and watches INTENTLY as he plays Sudoku on the iPad
  • HUGE appetite. He gets very impatient if I don't shovel his food in fast enough.
  • First time breaking something. Pulled a pot down from a shelf in the kitchen and shattered the lid. OOPS.
  • Weighed in just under 20 lbs at his doctor's appointment.

Until next time...

My Mush: 8 months

Happy first post of the New Year! I cannot believe it's 2015 and Mr. Mush is 8 months old. Better dive right in before another month passes me by!

  • New solids: squash, pear, Gerber puffs, blueberries, mum mum, banana pancake, chicken, scrambled eggs, mango
  • Loves passing toys back and forth from one hand to another.
  • Still not 100% but we've made a lot of progress with his sleeping habits. He actually started sleeping through the night almost every night this last week and the rest he's generally just waking up once in the night. Progress! **UPDATE... Despite HG's progress within the last week he did wake up about 5 times this morning... around 3:40... the time he was born. You'll recall I've been conducting a little experiment to see if these month-birthday 3:40 wake up calls continue. I was so confused as to why he had such a bad night despite us being so strict with his schedule. Then Z reminded me of the last few months. So far we're still seeing a pattern! NUTS!!!
  • First Christmas lights show - was quite mesmerized.
  • First Christmas!!!
  • First bloody nose :( Hopefully face-planting into the feet of our office chair will teach him that swivel seats aren't the sturdiest things to pull up on!
  • Sits with his legs in a 'hurkey' position (one leg bent back, one straight forward) or Z-sit (one leg bent front, one leg bent back) all the time. Rarely has both feet in front. I think it makes it easier for him to get moving.
  • Still thinks his sister is the bees knees
  • Gives open mouth 'kisses'
  • First word:  'mama' :) He says 'baba' and 'ga' a lot, just like his sister did, but this was a definite MMMM sound... at least to my ears!
  • Sucks his teeth and LOVES when you suck yours back at him. We have teeth sucking conversations daily!
  • Never stops moving! He crawls at lightening speed, pulls up on everything, grabs whatever he can reach, drops down to his knees (another new skill), and is back on the move.
  • MAMA'S BOY! He prefers to be with me 95% of the time. If he sees me walk by and I don't come smooch on him or pick him up he'll get mad and fuss. It's adorable... and exhausting... but I love it!

Until next time...

3 Years Down...

Our little girl is 3 years old.I can't believe she's 3 years old! HOW is she already 3 years old?

Because it's her birthday and I'm feeling a bit sappy I thought it write a little letter directly to our sweet girl, so she (we) can look back and remember what life was like in 2014.

Dear Keelin Bean,

The last three years have flown by and you have grown into such a smart and silly little girl. You definitely have your daddy's sense of humor, finding fun in everything, and a little of your mama's drama, sometimes worrying about the littlest things. You're favorite past times include reading, playing in the sandbox, coloring, reading, putting stickers on everything (including yourself), snuggling and playing with your brother, reading, asking if it's "Movie Day", and reading. Did I mention you like to read? It's your absolute favorite! Whether you're curled up in someone's lap or alone in your room, you usually have a book in-hand. You've seen many firsts and had many achievements this year too: you graduated from diapers to the potty, you played in the snow for the first time, you became a big sister, you moved from Georgia to Virginia, you went from a crib to a big girl bed, and you were a flower girl in a wedding... just to name a few! Sadly, you also lost two of your great-grandparents but we talk about them often and fondly. I'm thankful you were too young to feel that heartbreak just yet. You're a pill when it comes to meal-time, seeing as how you'd rather be playing than have to sit and actually put nutrients into your tall, skinny little body. Seriously, you're all limbs. Plus, if we're not having cupcakes you're just not interested. Totally understandable. You love animals but usually end up being afraid of them when they come near you. You're such a great little mama to your baby brother, bringing him toys, patting his back, and telling him 'it's okay brovah' whenever he cries. You can name just about every major Disney character, despite having never seen most of their movies, and you have a love-hate relationship with Frozen... Don't we all. You are smitten with your daddy and it melts my heart to see you demand a hug and a kiss every time he leaves the house. Even if it's just to run to the store. Your grandparents are also at the top of your list of favorite people. They love you so much. I could go on and on about your mind-blowing intelligence, enormous heart, silly personality, and love of life. Your daddy and I are so blessed to have you and are thrilled to watch you grow into the person God created you to be. We love you right up to the moon and back.

Here's a look at this past year of two-ness, in a precious video by K's Aunt Heather, aka Movie Momma.


Happy birthday beautiful girl. I can't wait to see how much you grow and all that you experience in 2015.

Until next time...

My Mush: 7 months

I'm a few days late posting Mush's 7 month update seeing as how was a sad, sick, little lump over the weekend and our photo session was delayed. He caught a yucky cold/cough and we've been dealing with some fussy, snotty days. Outside of his recent under-the-weather status, it's been QUITE an eventful month full of firsts!

  • Cut tooth #4 - ain't nobody speeding through teething like this boy
  • Stood (balanced) on his own for about 15 seconds. Literally just let go like it was no big deal.
  • Became a crawling machine. There's nothing he can't get to!
  • Learned to pull up to his knees about 2 days after learning to crawl.
  • Learned to pull up to his feet the next morning. Pulls up on ALL THE THINGS!
  • Pulled K's art easel over on himself (terrifying for mom) and hardly shed a tear.
  • Loves to beat on things. He loves hitting the table with his hands or beating his toys senseless against the floor.
  • Gets mad when we take something away from him or keep him from getting to something. Pitches a 6 second temper tantrum before seeing something else he wants.
  • First time sitting shotgun in a shopping cart. We were at Costco so he shared the ride with his sister. Had a blast and K kept telling everyone we passed, "This is my brovah up here sittin wif me"
  • Attended his first craft show with mommy as a vendor. It was a dismal failure but everyone thought he was cute! I may use him to attract buyers again!
  • More solids: carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, banana, avocado
  • First Thanksgiving!
  • Caught his first cold. :(

Hoping you are all getting into the Christmas spirit! We sure are!

Until next time...