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A very THANKFUL week

Happy Turkey Week everyone! I know there are certain people in this world who are extremely passionate about the fact that a holiday should be just that... A DAY. One day of celebration... but nothing too crazy, it's just a day after all.  These people see Christmas decorations going up just after Halloween and want to upchuck all over said decorator's holiday cheer. These people find it FOOLISH that radio stations nation-wide use Thanksgiving Day as their official "GO AHEAD" to dump the traditionally crappy pop tunes and replace them with non-stop fa la la la la's. Well, I'm not one of those people, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I could jump right into talking about how excited I am about Christmas this year {you know, with my whole family coming to GA and my baby girl being born...} but I would be doing another VERY important holiday a disservice if I didn't recognize it as well.

While Thanksgiving DAY and Christmas DAY are the actual calendar dates of celebration, I see no reason why the joy of each holiday can't and shouldn't spread far and wide. Hence why I am here wishing you all a HAPPY TURKEY WEEK! {poor little turkeys get the short end of the stick as is, what with being gobbled up and all... get it? GOBBLED up? *lame*, so I figured they at least deserve an extended period of celebration!}

So friends, in honor of Turkey Week, I'd like to take some time to share the things that I am most thankful for {prepare yourself for some sugary sappiness} and invite all of you to join in on my few moments of cheesy smiley happiness! SHALL WE? Since '25' seems to be an unofficial countdown number for the holidays, why not list off 25 reasons to be THANKFUL... in no particular order? Don't worry, I'll spread them out as to not overwhelm you with too much joy at once. You're welcome.

1. Starting things off on the shallow end of the thankful pool...  I'm THANKFUL for a 3 day work-week at the office! There is nothing worse than having to wait for a holiday to come at the END of a full work week. Especially one that involves me stuffing my face with tons of grub! So Thank You job for giving me both Thanksgiving and BLACK FRIDAY off this year! You're awesome!

2. I'm thankful for my sweet, sweet hubby. I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner in life and I'm so excited to see him add FATHER to his resume of husband, brother, son, clown, artist, musician, actor, rock climber and more!

3. I'm thankful for maternity clothes. Whoever it was that decided preggos should be able to be not only fashionable but COMFORTABLE while their bellies take over the world is a true genius. I heart you and I'm thankful for you.

4. I'm thankful for my awesome blog family! YOU GUYS ROCK! I still get excited every time I see a comment or "like" on my blog! I'm no one special, so it means a lot that people find what I say worth reading. Even if they are just humoring me!

5. I'm thankful for Man's Best Friend dog training school. We're taking the pups in tonight for an "evaluation" to see if they will forever be destructive little monsters or if a puppy boot camp can't straighten them out a bit. I'm going to extend my thanks to them now... with zero knowledge of if they'll be able to help... in the hopes that it will bring me some good juju that results in a great outcome and a price that won't make my heart start palpitating.

Okay, there's 5 to start things off. I'll list 5 more tomorrow {how excited are YOU! to read those?!?}

Until next time...

You're turn... tell me some things you are thankful for!