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Lemon Herb Pork

Happy Monday friends! I hope all my bloggy mommy club members had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day filled with love and pampering. The hubs made me feel like a queen by taking care of dinner, giving me an adorable homemade card, complete with a picture of the bean, and giving me a Mommy's Day Massage! I can't wait to go get pampered even more! Since it's Monday and many moms are still wishing it was Mother's Day, I thought I'd share another super easy Philly Cooking Creme recipe to make tonight's dinner a little simpler! This time I used Savory Lemon and Herb flavor with pork!

As always, a few tablespoons goes a long way! I added a little milk and flour as well to make a nice gravy!

Served with rice and zucchini!

Super simple for moms getting back into the swing of things!

Tell me about your Mother's Day!!!

Until next time...

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Turkey and Quinoa Mini Meatloaves

Happy Recipe Monday everyone! Hello quinoa, it's nice to eat you again. What did I say about being a total quinoa fanatic? It seems every recipe is better with a little PUNCH of SUPERFOOD! Today... Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Quinoa!! Here's the super tasty and exceptionally healthy recipe from Spark Recipes and... as usual... the RUN DOWN of how it WENT DOWN in my kitchen!

YUMMY quinoa, cooked with chicken stock.

saute'd onions

Combine cooked quinoa with remaining ingredients.

Grease and fill muffin tins!

Cover each mini-loaf with the sauce and bake at 375 degrees for 35 minutes.

Serve with your favorite veggies and ENJOY!

It's so incredibly delicious and one recipe I will definitely make again! Give it a try and let me know how it goes and what you think!!!

Until next time...

Cheesy Quinoa Bites

Another recipe folks! This one is compliments of Tracy's Culinary Adventures!The Pierce household has been on a kick to boost the health level in our everyday eating and I, like many, was in need of a healthy snack option that would satisfy my tummy without making it expand! Enter my favorite superfood... QUINOA!

You have to get used to the texture but there is so much goodness and superfood power in these tiny grains you'd be silly not to at least give it a try! As always {when I snag recipes from fellow bloggers} you can find the full recipe from Tracy's original post but here's the run down of how it went down in my kitchen {with a few slight changes from how Tracy did it}!

Cook your quinoa {I cooked mine in chicken stock for extra flavor!}

and mix your ingredients {I used basil instead of spinach for a zesty kick!}

Fill mini muffin pan with the mixture...

and bake!

YUM-O! Such a tasty treat that gives you protein, veggies, and enough savory goodness to feel like you're indulging without the guilt that comes with eating an entire sleeve of Pringles!

Until next time...

Do you have any recipes that involve QUINOA or another superfood? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

Perfectly Painless Pizza Puffs

Two recipes in one week... how totally nuts am I?Not very because this dinner how to {along with many others} have been waiting in my "draft" box for the last month and I'm finally getting around to posting about it!

This recipe came from a creative little place I like to call my NOGGIN, and I'm proud to say that not only is it super simple and extremely quick, but fantastically delicious as well! Allow me to introduce you to the Pizza Puff.  I've come to the realization that you can basically put ANYTHING inside a Crescent roll and you're pretty much guaranteed that it will be delicious. Exhibit A... pizza fixins!

First you roll out the Pillsbury Crescent rolls but DO NOT separate the triangles.

Pinch the seam together where you would normally pull apart the individual rolls. Do this on both sides to prevent a pizza puff blow out.

I used sausage as my main meat but you can use whatever pizza fixins you'd like. Make sure you get as much of the grease off as possible. No one likes a greasy puff.

Generously spread my ALL TIME FAVORITE COOKING BUDDY... Philadelphia Cooking Creme {Italian flavored} on each piece of dough and let the stuffing begin!

It was pepperoni, sausage, and CHEEEESE for us! And don't be afraid to really fill them up! You'd be surprised how much these things can hold {another reason pressing the triangles together is mucho important!}

Once you're fixins are in, fold the dough over to make a little pocket and pinch on the sides to seal shut.

TaDa! Puff power!

I sprinkled mine with a little extra cheese for good measure... because let's be honest, can you EVER have enough cheese?

Bake according to the crescent package instructions and serve with tomato dipping sauce! We ended up having this twice that week because it was so good. PLUS... I had some leftover sausage so I threw it in an omelet the next morning!

LIke I said... super simple and SO DELICIOUS! Try it out and tell me how it goes!

Until next time...

Are you a fan of stuffing things in crescent rolls? What have you tried lately? Anything worth sharing? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

Meatball Sandwich Casserole

It's recipe Monday! Not that Mondays are the only days I'll share recipes, but it seems to be a reocurring event here lately, so... IT'S RECIPE MONDAY!

I've been on the hunt for new recipes and have struck gold with a few choice blogs. I've totally ignored the shelves of cookbooks in my kitchen, most of which I've yet to use, and my hubs thinks it is hysterical that I spend more time looking through foodie blogs than I do looking through the pages of recipes I actually paid for. Oh well!

THIS tasty number is compliments of Mom's Crazy Cooking! Check out the full recipe and instruction there {I added basil and a few choice spices to the meatball mix} but here's a quick run down from our kitchen!

mix and roll freeze for 15 minutes to secure shape

roll in flour and brown in oil lay bread out {oiled and seasoned with garlic!}

cover in tomato sauce and bake

place baked meatballs over bread, add more sauce, and bake for another 20 minutes, adding cheese with 5 minutes remaining.


Until next time...