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Yeah... Its Ok

Happy Thursday!

...that I sometimes take thirty minute showers. But only if the water is up as hot as I can take it.

...that I bought a tub of dark chocolate fudge icing, with no intention of actually icing anything. May I have a spoon please?

...that the TIME magazine cover didn't shock me as much as the backlash of people saying breastfeeding is gross did.

...that I try I avoid diving too deep into my political beliefs because I don't want to be labeled based on a single aspect of what makes me, me!

...that I'd like to think Robert Downey Jr. is exactly like Tony Stark in real life.

...that I'm a total giveaway whore. If I see a blogger hosting a giveaway, you can bet I'm entering.

...that I finally caved and plowed through 50 Shades of Grey {no pun intended... maybe}

...that I'm really terrible when it comes to commenting on other blogs. I try to make a point to comment every day but it generally doesn't happen.

...that I make fun of Keelin when she starts fussing for no reason, by mimicking her cry. To her face. :)

...that I turn into an overprotective mother with a rebellious teen whenever Z takes the motorcycle to work, and I demand that he texts me when he arrives.

...that I kind of missed having my knees, shoulders, feet, and back covered in bruises from dance. pretend that I'm Giada DeLaurentiis when I'm creating a culinary masterpiece {in my head} for dinner.

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I absolutely love this fabric and REALLY want to make something out of it. Perhaps a cute little pair of summer shorts that will make all other babies turn green with envy at the beauty and brilliance of my child's stylish behind. I've been feeling the ITCH to start using Keelin's old onesie fabrics for clothes but I can't decide if I'm going to need each full yard for her big year project... which has yet to be decided. Perhaps if I keep at least 1/2 of each yard for the 1-year project I'll still be able to come up with some super cute stuff using the other 1/2. Also I need to learn how to sew. I mean really sew. More than just a straight line to make curtain valances. I need to REALLY sew. You know those moms who can just look at a piece of fabric and magically turn it into an outfit. Yeah, I want to be one of those moms.

Anyway...moving along to Keelin's stats from this past week. I've never really thought of them as "stats" but when I really think about it, that's what this weekly post is all about. During my pregnancy it was what cravings I was having each week and now it's what new breakthroughs or habits Keelin has. I'm so glad I'm documenting this week by week so I can look back and really remember her first year. I just hope I can keep it up for future beans. {Not that I'm expecting to add another bean to the mix any time soon} So, like I said, on to the stats!

The biggest event to report is that Keelin rolled over from her back to her tummy! She's been a pro at flipping herself from her tummy to her back... and will normally do it over and over again during my attempt at tummy time, little stinker... but she was having a tough time getting her arm out from under her enough to roll the other way. Well on Monday I was helping Z with something while Keelin was playing on her activity mat. I had placed her on her back, walked to the other side of the room, and when I turned back around she was propped up on her elbows looking up at me! It was one of those moments where I had to pause and ask myself if I'd actually put her on her tummy in the first place. After realizing that she had indeed flipped over, I freaked out!


It was a huge event and she kept doing it all day long. I never caught it on video... she's a sneaky one... but I'm determined to and will be sure to share! Surely you remember my squealing excitement when I caught her first tummy to back roll on video!

Keelin loves her bumbo and jumper. It's only been within the last few weeks that she's been able to sit in them for any lengthy period of time. She looks like a little buddha in her bumbo and will just sit and observe everything. The only time she really gets excited in it is when one of the pups comes up to her at which point she tucks her shoulders up, brings her hands to her mouth, smiles, and giggles.  Her little legs are getting so strong and she's been pushing up as if she's going to stand on her own! I swear this girl just may walk before she crawls. I can already hold on to her hands to balance her while she puts all her weight on her legs. I'm SO impressed! Her stronger legs have made the jumper much more fun! She'll push off of her tiny feet and wave her arms in excitement... which often leads to her jostling her tummy and spitting up all over herself... but it's worth it! :)

A few days ago she got into her biggest giggle fit yet. She was laying on her activity mat and Z was down on the floor with her. When the pups came up to Z he started goofing off with them... flipping them around and blowing in their faces which sends them into a crazy frenzy! They started scooting all around the floor and running in circles and Keelin thought it was hysterical. She was watching and laughing every time they would take off into a spin. I got it on video but it's on the hubs' phone so I'll have to steal it to show you!

A random and silly update is that Keelin has become infatuated with the tags on her toys. Not so much her toys... but their tags. It's quirky and weird and totally adorable! She'll shuffle her stuffed animals around in her hands for a few minutes, feeling all the textures and triggering all the jingle, rattle, and crackling noises but it's not until she gets a hold of the tag that she's REALLY intrigued. I'm going to have to make some kind of TAG HEAVY ribbon toy for her!

I've been asking my mommy-friends on Facebook for info on their favorite carriers. I have a Chicco front carrier that is actually pretty comfortable but it is such a hassle getting her IN and OUT of it, I really feel like I need 10 hands to pull it off.  That means I'm 8 short and even when the hubs is there to help me we look like total morons. SO I was poking around for another carrier when I was reminded of the BRILLIANCE and versatility of the Moby Wrap! I suppose I had it in my head that the moby was meant for teeny tiny's but after giving it a try with Keelin I fell back in love with it! It was so easy to get her into it... and with only TWO HANDS! It is also beyond comfortable and she seemed to like it too...

Please ignore my face and focus on her YODA ears which I absolutely adore! :) Needless to say, I won't be purchasing any new slings or carriers as long as my moby holds out!

Keelin is such a happy baby and every week when I sit down to write her update post I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have such a sweet, smiley, chatty bean!

That's about it on the update front.

Until next time...

I know it's none of my business but...

Rule #1 in the guidebook on how to avoid being a total deuchebag... if what you have to say needs to be prefaced with, "I know it's none of my business but..." then you should probably just keep your mouth shut. Otherwise it is guaranteed that you WILL turn into a deuchebag. A big, stinky, hippy, deuchebag. Okay, you probably won't turn into a hippy, but my recent deuchebag encounter was one. I mentioned on facebook that Z and I were given a little unsolicited parenting advice a few nights ago. It's a story worth sharing... so here we are.

Friday night Z and I were out to dinner celebrating a friend's birthday. After driving around the block a few times looking for parking we finally found a spot. It was Keelin's normally scheduled time to eat so after parking I hopped in the backseat to feed her. For some reason she was too distracted to eat so I decided we should go ahead and join the rest of our party and I could slip out and feed her if she started getting fussy. Her schedule has been changing a bit within the last few weeks so I wasn't too worried about feeding her a little later than normal. The restaurant we were at had a great outdoor seating area complete with snappy background music and fans to keep us cool! It wasn't the type of restaurant where you sit quietly with the sounds of slight murmurs, cool jazz, and clinking forks accompanying your meal. It was on the louder side, relaxed, and fun. As if by clockwork, the SECOND we sat down at our table Keelin started crying. NOW she was ready to eat. She has such impeccable timing! So, I quickly looked at the menu, gave my order to the hubs, and slipped out to feed the bean.

Before getting back to the table I headed into the restroom to change Keelin's diaper. It was there... in the restaurant restroom... that the waterworks truly started flowing. As soon as I put her down on the changing table she started wailing. Between cries and cloth diaper snaps I heard the woman in the stall next to us let out a lengthy, "Awwwwww" at the adorable and/or heartbreaking sound coming from my tiny girl. She calmed down during the trip from the restroom back to the table but only lasted a few more moments after I sat down before she was fussy again. It was one of those moment where you REALLY REALLY wish your infant could talk so she could tell you what is upsetting her and you could make it all better.  However, being the cool and collected mom that I am {at least on the outside}, I was happy to pass her off to some of the other folks at our table who wanted to hold her... tears and all. She would go in and out of crying but it was clear she was not having it. Since I knew she wasn't hungry and she had already given me a nice BIG burp I could rule out hunger and gas. So, I decided that it was a mix of being in a new place, seeing a lot of new faces, having a stuffy nose, and NOT wanting to take a nap. Combine all of those things and you have a cocktail of screams and tears, my friends. The thing was, even with the crying, she wasn't all that loud. Had we been inside I'm sure her volume would have carried over the other tables but because of all the noise outside, it really wasn't that disruptive.

At one point the birthday boy's mother had hold of her and had managed to get her settled for a few minutes. I look up from my glass of water and see that a very 'hippy' looking woman from another table, holding her 3 or 4 year old daughter, had come up to Keelin and was asking questions to our friend's mom. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but it looked like the average inquisition. How old is she? What's her name? Etc. Nothing out of the ordinary, and she went back to her table.

After Keelin started back up again I took her to try to calm her down. Again, she was breaking in and out of crying with my friend Leah {the birthday boy's wife} stood from the table, took her from me and insisted that I sit so I could eat. She's such a sweetheart. I happily agreed and carried on finishing my meal, which was delicious by the way. At this point there were very few breaks between Keelin's cries and Z got up to go make funny daddy faces at her to see if a familiar smile would help calm her down. {I realize now that the image in your head probably makes you think of jumping beans how we were all getting up and down to try making her happy... and you're probably right} Right as Z walked over to Keelin and Leah, the same hippy lady, still carrying her daughter, was stretching her neck into the situation. Because I was sitting at the table I couldn't really hear what was being said but I could tell by the looks on Leah and Z's faces that they were not interested in hearing what this lady had to say. She stayed near them for a minute or two and then walked back to her table. I had a hunch that she had just given parenting advice so I watched her as she went back to her seat where she proceeded to talk about Keelin to her family members, looking back at her with THAT LOOK. I'm sure you all know THAT LOOK. THAT LOOK that people give you when they think they are above you or when they think you're wrong and they are right. Yeah. THAT LOOK.

I whipped my head around to Z, who had since gotten Keelin fastened back into her car seat. Swinging calms her down so when we're not at home to utilize the standing swing we have, daddy becomes the swing. I leaned over and LOUDLY blurted, "I'm sorry, am I not being a good enough parent to my child?" I admit I was hoping the hippy mom would hear me.  It was then that Leah informed me of what the hippy mom had said to them. It went a little something like this...

Hippy Mom: Um, I know it's none of my business {GAH! Breaking rule #1} but, I have TWO children, and I think that baby might be hungry. Leah:  Actually her mother just fed her, so I don't think she's hungry. Hippy Mom:  Well, with babies, sometimes even after you feed them they are still hungry. She is crying because she is still hungry so she needs to be fed again. Leah: She's fine, thank you. 


Thank goodness I was out of earshot when the actual conversation happened because if I were I would have probably responded with something along the lines of:

You're RIGHT, it IS none of your business. I see that you have two children, because I've been watching them throw rocks and climb up the walls since we sat down. Maybe they are hungry too. Because, you know with kids, when they act like complete idiots it might mean that they are hungry. So how about you go back to your own table, get your own kids under control, and stop trying to parent mine. Thank you *obnoxious grin*.

First of all, it was far too loud on that patio for her to have been all that disturbed by Keelin's cries. Our table was much closer than theres and everyone else was carrying on with their conversations just fine. Secondly, mom to mom, if you're going to stick your nose where it don't belongs PLEASE don't also dish out advice that calls me out as not knowing anything about my own daughter. Thirdly, take a look at your own kids' behavior before questioning someone else's. Especially when your kids are 4 and 6 years old and not 4 months. My child cannot tell me why she's crying, where yours are old enough that when they are told to do or not do something, they SHOULD listen. Is there a reason you weren't keeping your daughter from throwing rocks in the air while waiters are walking around carrying trays of food? Is there a reason  you weren't telling your son NOT to jump and climb on the raised hedge walls, right behind another party's table?  Or how about the reason you were letting your son pull on your daughter's legs while she was riding you piggy-back? You must be an EXPERT so I really want to learn your wise ways oh hippy mom! Your kid's screams were louder than anything Keelin was dishing out, and yet you didn't have a problem with it!

After learning about my little "lesson" in parenting, you can bet she got my most evil of evil eyes. AND STILL, after Keelin had settled down thanks to Daddy-Swings-A-Lot, she would still look over, point, and talk about her. Seriously lady? I know my daughter is beautiful and hard not to stare at but should you really be putting that much energy into telling me how to raise my child when you've got 2 hyperactive future hippies running a muck? Priorities people... priorities. I basically stared her down until they left the restaurant. It was fun.

A lesson to all parents. Unless you see a mom or dad really struggling with their child with a look of desperation in their eyes as they seek assistance, please resist the urge to voice your opinion and just focus on your own kids. I know you may think having one or more babies means you're expert on everyone else's kid... but you'd be wrong.

Sheesh! So that was my rant, and now it's over, and I feel so much better!

Until next time... Tell me about your most unfortunately unforgettable experience with unsolicited parenting advice!

I'm Jones-in...

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've had a stroke of genius and I need your help to make it happen.

I posted this picture to my facebook page earlier in the week:

Freakin' adorable right? Z snapped this on his iPhone at Keelin's 4 month check up... so yes, if you're wondering, that is doctor's office butcher paper she's laying on! She was actually quite happy during the appointment but was giving us all sorts of goofy faces. Personally I can't help but smile every time I look at it.

After posting it to facebook and instagram {follow me @saratpie} I received so many sweet comments from family and friends telling me how cute the picture is and how it should be on things like greeting cards and magazine covers. That got me thinking... dangerous, I know... and I popped over to JONES SODA's website to see about submitting her photo for a bottle label. Fun right?

Here's where you come in. We need some votes! It would be super fun to have her picture chosen in their next national label tour but I unfortunately I can't vote a thousand times SO... if you think she's cute enough to be a JONES baby... cast your vote! I'll most likely end up custom ordering a dozen just for myself but how awesome would it be if she were chosen for national production!?! Wicked awesome!'s the JONES GALLERY link that will take you straight to her image to vote!

I really appreciate your help and promise to send you all a JONES SODA if we are chosen. Ok... I probably won't do that, but I'll be SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL!

Until next time...


Out of the teens and taking the world by storm!!!

A big thanks to everyone who voted for this week's fabric! There was a two-way tie up until yesterday so whoever that final vote was to break the tie, you're a gem!

Keelin has been a movin' and a groovin this week! She's starting to get the idea of "bouncing" in her jumper and it might be the cutest thing yet. She gets mesmerized by the toys around the seat and when she realizes we've walked up on her she'll throw her arms up, toss her head back, and kick her little feet in excitement. Once she realizes that her legs are what make her bounce about she keeps it going and cracks herself up at the same time. Z and I have been making an effort to go on a walk with her each day. She loves looking at the sky and trees as we walk through the neighborhood. Monday we even expanded our walk to Kroger {don't be too impressed, it's right down the street} to pick up a RedBox and some Starbucks!

We all had a wonderful Mother's Day and even though "technically" it was my 2nd, since I was pregnant this time last year {but no one but the hubs knew!} it was a great "first" for the family! We met up with another young "new to parenthood" couple during mass and I'm kind of ashamed to say I was paying more attention to the families sitting in front of us than I was the homily. Two rows ahead of us were a mother, father, and two sons. One son was quite the little angel {although at one point he was holding himself with a panic-stricken look on his face as he told his father he REALLY had to go potty... cute but terribly stressful to watch.} while the other was a bit on the noisy side. He didn't seem like a bad kid, just chatty and easily distracted. He would babble talk, LOUDLY, and was too preoccupied with what he was looking at to pay attention to his mother as she tried to get him to quiet down. One row in front of us was a family of a mother and two older, what I assume to be, children. Older as in my age... if not more. Well, they were APPALLED at the noisy child for being so disruptive. In fact, they seemed APPALLED that they were sitting, practically surrounded, by all families with babies and small children. That's what you get when you sit in the back of a church... it's where we parents congregate so we can make fast getaways! Anyway, they were NOT impressed by the giggles, coos, and babble talk of all the kids around them. So much so that the mother actually SHUSHED the little boy in front of her. Yes, she shushed another mother's child... WHILE the other mother was holding him and doing her best to settle him down. Now, don't get me wrong. Obviously it was distracting me as well, considering I can recall this entire event instead of the words the priest was saying, and if I were that mother I would have taken my son out of the sanctuary as to not disturb other church-goers. BUT... I would NEVER reprimand someone else's child during church. ESPECIALLY if that child's parents were sitting right next to them. Since becoming a parent, I know the sheer terror that pulses through you the second your baby starts to get fussy in church. We've all been there, or at least to some kind of public gathering, when that one kid won't stop crying. And we've all thought to ourselves, "why won't the parents take them out?". Yes. Guilty. Let's face it. It's annoying. But being on the other end of things, it is TERRIFYING to think that, with the tiniest little lip quiver from my daughter, I may have half a room looking at me wondering WHY I'm not shushing my kid. Terrifying! As parents, we do the best we can with our kids, and hope that others will not pass judgement on us if they cry, talk out, or puke all over themselves at less than convenient times. SO, that being said, I was kind of offended at the older mother for shushing someone else's kid. And then once she did shush him, she and her daughter both started convulsing when silent laughter. The daughter looked at her and said, "thank you" with a tone as if her mother had just saved the church from some heathen causing a disruption. This is the same daughter who was constantly looking back at Z and I, and our precious SLEEPING daughter, with one of the nastiest stink eyes I have ever seen, the entire service. If she ever has children I hope they are constantly crying during public events. SHEEEEESH!

Stepping off my soap box...

After attending mass we joined our friends for a Mother's Day brunch at Flying Biscuit! YUM! The couple has a daughter who is almost 8 months so we ended up being "that table with the babies are either crying, cooing, or throwing things on the floor". It was a blast, and SO delicious! Once Z gets past the harder parts of his diet I'm buying the Flying Biscuit cookbook so I can ATTEMPT to replicate the GLORIOUS food! After brunch we went home, took pictures to fulfill my need to document everything, and relaxed a bit before having dinner with Z's parents. It was a lovely, albeit rainy day!

Sunday night Keelin started having a bit of a cough and a stuffy, snotty nose. Yep, her first cold. She's still snotty and coughs a bit every now and then, but you would never know it! She's just as happy and smiley as ever and I'm definitely envious of her grace! It actually makes me laugh and breaks my heart all at the same time when she starts coughing but tries to smile between each cough. And it never fails that on the last cough of the bunch she lets out a goofy coo that is too precious for words! She's such a trooper! How come when adults get the sniffles it's like the whole world is going to end but my 4 1/2 month old is taking hers like a champ? I've had the humidifier on high every night, am armed with saline drops and the dreaded suction bulb {she's not a fan}, and we even turned the guest bathroom into a sauna yesterday to help loosen up the gunk. Hopefully it wont last long and she'll stay as happy as she is now! I'm so blessed to have such a sweet daughter.

Until next time...