A new direction in the new year

Hey there folks, long time no-blog! We're not even a full-month into 2013 and already some exciting new things are happening! I gave you a 'hint' a few weeks ago that some new things were going down in our house that will, in the end, be more beneficial for our family and for Life in these times...  Let's face it, you all are my blogger family and I love ya, so I'm including YOU in the "family" label that will benefit from the coming changes! I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately and you've obviously been missing me like crazy {I can sense the tears welling up in your eyes} so I thought it was about time I ease your suffering. Alright, I know my absence probably hasn't even phased most of you, but humor me...

Here's the 411: It's been a long-time coming and, with the support of my amazing husband, I have decided to quit my job {Eeep} and turn my attention to the things that I really love - i.e. my family, my friends, my home, my passion for poppin out babies, my blog, and my etsy shop {sorry fart machines, you didn't make the 'special' list}. I want to see my blog grow. I want to take steps to becoming a birthing coach/doula. I want to see theKeenBean succeed. I want to be a better homemaker, wife, and mommy. I want to make an impact doing things that I truly LOVE, and I'm so blessed that I'm able to take this leap and try to make these things happen now.

I'm thrilled and excited about this new adventure, but also nervous. The extra income from the work I've been doing has been helpful, not enough to live off of, but definitely helpful. So that will be missed of course {If there are any generous millionaires out there who in the mood to supplement my income just cause you feel like it, please feel free to contact me directly}. And while I would obviously love my new ventures to make up for the income I'm losing, I don't want that to be the reason for doing it. I'll elaborate on the whole "do something because you love it not because it gives a better paycheck" later but for now I wanted to finally let the cat out of the bag on our new adventures. I've been given the opportunity to find real happiness in my work and I'm taking it.

My sweet, sweet hubby has been nothing short of amazing in his encouragement and enthusiasm for this new direction. I'm so lucky to have him as my main support system, and we are both fortunate that his job is allowing me to step away from mine and 'follow my dreams'.

So that is that. I have t-minus 6 more days at my job and then it's all babies, bows, and blogging {oh YEAH!}. I don't normally reach out for specific feedback or encouragement, but I could use some extra support here as things transition over. To any bloggers reading this that consider themselves 'successful' - advice? Things you think I should do differently on the blog? To anyone who has ditched their day job to pursue something for the sheer happiness it brings you - things to watch out for so I don't get fat and lazy? To anyone who thinks I'm a lunatic - what's your beef?

I'm really excited to share this with you all and even more excited to see where this next year takes our family. Thanks for letting me ramble {as always} and I hope you'll join me on this new journey!

Until next time...