I don't 'DO' resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I'm sure {I hope} I speak for a good portion of the planet when I say that I have never been able to hold on to a New Year's resolution for the entire year. Never happened. Often tried. Generally made it a few months before puttering out and forgetting about it all together. Shame on me. The thing is... I don't really have any super bad habits that would require a resolution to get rid of. I don't eat fast food that often. I don't drink soda that often. I only get drunk like every other night {jokes, jokes}. I don't smoke, try not to swear, do my best to be honest. Basically I'm perfect.


More jokes.

But seriously... while some of what I said is a load of crap, the rest is completely true. I've never been big on the whole 'resolution setting' because I've never been able to stick with it for a full year. Not sure what that says about me and my will power, but I'm hoping to remedy that in 2013 by taking a slightly different approach. While I don't 'DO' resolutions... I'm totally brilliant at 'TO DO' lists. BOOM, problem solved. Take that years of failed resolutions! 2013 will not begin with one or more promises to not do this and start doing that, it will begin with a TO DO list. A selection of things I intend on accomplishing during the year. I feel like a TO DO list will make it easier to hold myself accountable and I can track my progress based on what I've checked off my list. Not only that, but I love all things paper/stationary related, so the idea that I get to spend an entire year checking out boxes on pretty paper with pretty pens is pretty thrilling. SQUEEE.

So without further adieu... my first draft of a 2013 TO DO list!

2013 TO DO

So even though the new year is here I'm sure I'll be adding new TO DOs to my list and I'm definitely up for suggestions. Are there things you are eager to accomplish this year that I could join you in? Anything particular you'd like to see here on Life in these times... that I should add to the list? What would you put on your 2013 TO DO list? Do you have resolutions? What are they?

Until next time...