A Halloween Dilemma

Halloween is just over a month away and I have nothing in my possession that could even partially resemble a Halloween costume. Not for me, of course, for The Bean. Ever since finding out I was pregnant I was so excited to dress my LO up for his/her first Halloween. I mean honestly, you can't tell me that every time the door bell ding-dongs on All Hallows Eve you don't secretly hope there is an adorable tiny person dressed like a lobster or watermelon, or superhero. You do. I do. It's way better than the idiot tweens who show up with a vest, fingerless leather gloves, and slicked hair claiming to be JBiebs. The tiny ones are way better. Anyway, I've been wracking my brain trying to think of the best FIRST costume. I would love love love to be able to MAKE her costume from scratch {tall order coming from a newby seamstress like moi} but I want it to actually look decent. I'm not talking about putting a pillow case over her head and calling her a ghost, this is the big time.

So here's been my general thought process. Yes, I'm inviting you into the inner workings of my mind. Please keep arms and legs inside the car until the completion of the ride.

Her nursery theme is elephants so I could make her into the world's tiniest {and cutest} elephant. BUT the best parts of an elephant are their trunk and ears and there's no way  she'd let me put any kind of trunk on her face. Some elephant costumes I've seen have the trunk on the top of the head or under the chin and that's just ludicrous so, no elephant.

I could go for something basic. Minimal "costume" and more of an "accessories" type look. You know: wings for a fairy, tutu for a ballerina, eye patch for a pirate. But all of that's no good. Too simple.

Wait just a minute... I call her THE BEAN, right? SO... why not make her a tiny bean costume! Brilliant! But what kind of bean? My dear brother calls her Kidney Bean {get it... Keelin - Kidney... plus I only have ONE kidney so it's doubly apropo} so I should make her a little kidney bean. Cut. Slate. Check the gate.

But hold that thought oh brain of mine. A kidney bean isn't exactly an obvious costume. A reddish-brown body with a tiny white center doesn't exactly scream "look at me, I'm a bean!" Plus, I can almost guarantee that the seamstress I am in reality will not come up with the same beautiful costume that the seamstress in my head could make. Which would leave me trick-or-treating with a little maroon blob in my arms. Fail.

What about another type of bean like a string bean? My mom suggested doing a string bean because I could make her a little hat as the tip of the bean. Adorbs! But then it's not exactly the "vision" I had to begin. She got the nick name from curling up like a kidney bean, not like a string bean, so will it really be what I want? {I hope Keelin knows the tourment I put myself through trying to make this holiday-that-she-will-never-remember absolutely perfect} Curses on my stubbornness and inability to just go with the masses and buy an infant Halloween costume!

Nay Nay, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! But  I need your help. All of you lovely, beautiful friends, blogger and non, can help me decide what to do. Kidney bean? String bean? Mr. Bean? No bean? And if you happen to be exceptionally skilled in wielding a sewing machine, how can I make it REALLY look like the bean of choice? HELP FRIENDS! The clock is ticking! It's up to you to keep Keelin from spending her first trick-or-treating adventure as a maroon blob.