Being a better blogger

The lovely and oh-so-talented MK of MK in Wonderland wrote a post a few weeks ago about losing your blogging voice. I encourage you to read her blog in it's entirety but to sum-up, she talked about how rocking her new baby boy to sleep USED to be the catalyst for her blog ideas and now that her son isn't in need of bed time rocking, she feels her voice is lost. I too, feel my voice has been much harder to find than it used to be. Perhaps it decided to go on holiday {hopefully when you read that it sounded like it was being spoken in a dainty british accent} or maybe it's just hibernating for... summer?... but either way I'd like it to make it's presence known once more! I feel like I've hit a cranial roadblock of sorts and it's definitely affected the caliber of my posts.

Perhaps it's the lack of human interaction that has come with being a SAHM {not that my daughter isn't human... she's super human... but our in-depth conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of chocolate are somewhat one-sided at this point} or perhaps it's my new mommy scatterbrain that can't find 30 minutes to sit down and concoct a post of value.  Or perhaps I'm totally full of crap and trying desperately to make an excuse for all of the pathetic picture-heavy, 20-word recipe posts peppering my pages. I mean seriously... Recipe Monday? My cooking skills are not good enough to name an entire DAY after my kitchen conquests. Whatever the reason, I've been slacking. Big time. Let's face it, the last 250 words you just read are probably the most thoughtful I've written in lord knows how long.

Is it me or is this brain-dump a little "perhaps" heavy?

Anyway. I hereby promise to you, my lovely readers, whether you be bloggers yourselves, friends, family members, total strangers, first time visitors, long time subscribers, or CYBERBOTS attempting to send me stupid gibberish SPAM comments, that I will do my darndest to find that pesky voice of mine, rangle it in, and use it to be a better blogger. Afterall, no one likes it when a blog that was once interesting turns into a pile of poo.


Until next time...

What do you do to help kick that cranial roadblock to the wayside and set your VOICE into overdrive? Is there something you do in day-to-day life that ALWAYS provides you with great ideas? What are some of the more interesting activities you've participated in that provided the best blog content?