Yeah... Its Ok

Happy Thursday!

...that I sometimes take thirty minute showers. But only if the water is up as hot as I can take it.

...that I bought a tub of dark chocolate fudge icing, with no intention of actually icing anything. May I have a spoon please?

...that the TIME magazine cover didn't shock me as much as the backlash of people saying breastfeeding is gross did.

...that I try I avoid diving too deep into my political beliefs because I don't want to be labeled based on a single aspect of what makes me, me!

...that I'd like to think Robert Downey Jr. is exactly like Tony Stark in real life.

...that I'm a total giveaway whore. If I see a blogger hosting a giveaway, you can bet I'm entering.

...that I finally caved and plowed through 50 Shades of Grey {no pun intended... maybe}

...that I'm really terrible when it comes to commenting on other blogs. I try to make a point to comment every day but it generally doesn't happen.

...that I make fun of Keelin when she starts fussing for no reason, by mimicking her cry. To her face. :)

...that I turn into an overprotective mother with a rebellious teen whenever Z takes the motorcycle to work, and I demand that he texts me when he arrives.

...that I kind of missed having my knees, shoulders, feet, and back covered in bruises from dance. pretend that I'm Giada DeLaurentiis when I'm creating a culinary masterpiece {in my head} for dinner.

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Until next time...