Out of the teens and taking the world by storm!!!

A big thanks to everyone who voted for this week's fabric! There was a two-way tie up until yesterday so whoever that final vote was to break the tie, you're a gem!

Keelin has been a movin' and a groovin this week! She's starting to get the idea of "bouncing" in her jumper and it might be the cutest thing yet. She gets mesmerized by the toys around the seat and when she realizes we've walked up on her she'll throw her arms up, toss her head back, and kick her little feet in excitement. Once she realizes that her legs are what make her bounce about she keeps it going and cracks herself up at the same time. Z and I have been making an effort to go on a walk with her each day. She loves looking at the sky and trees as we walk through the neighborhood. Monday we even expanded our walk to Kroger {don't be too impressed, it's right down the street} to pick up a RedBox and some Starbucks!

We all had a wonderful Mother's Day and even though "technically" it was my 2nd, since I was pregnant this time last year {but no one but the hubs knew!} it was a great "first" for the family! We met up with another young "new to parenthood" couple during mass and I'm kind of ashamed to say I was paying more attention to the families sitting in front of us than I was the homily. Two rows ahead of us were a mother, father, and two sons. One son was quite the little angel {although at one point he was holding himself with a panic-stricken look on his face as he told his father he REALLY had to go potty... cute but terribly stressful to watch.} while the other was a bit on the noisy side. He didn't seem like a bad kid, just chatty and easily distracted. He would babble talk, LOUDLY, and was too preoccupied with what he was looking at to pay attention to his mother as she tried to get him to quiet down. One row in front of us was a family of a mother and two older, what I assume to be, children. Older as in my age... if not more. Well, they were APPALLED at the noisy child for being so disruptive. In fact, they seemed APPALLED that they were sitting, practically surrounded, by all families with babies and small children. That's what you get when you sit in the back of a church... it's where we parents congregate so we can make fast getaways! Anyway, they were NOT impressed by the giggles, coos, and babble talk of all the kids around them. So much so that the mother actually SHUSHED the little boy in front of her. Yes, she shushed another mother's child... WHILE the other mother was holding him and doing her best to settle him down. Now, don't get me wrong. Obviously it was distracting me as well, considering I can recall this entire event instead of the words the priest was saying, and if I were that mother I would have taken my son out of the sanctuary as to not disturb other church-goers. BUT... I would NEVER reprimand someone else's child during church. ESPECIALLY if that child's parents were sitting right next to them. Since becoming a parent, I know the sheer terror that pulses through you the second your baby starts to get fussy in church. We've all been there, or at least to some kind of public gathering, when that one kid won't stop crying. And we've all thought to ourselves, "why won't the parents take them out?". Yes. Guilty. Let's face it. It's annoying. But being on the other end of things, it is TERRIFYING to think that, with the tiniest little lip quiver from my daughter, I may have half a room looking at me wondering WHY I'm not shushing my kid. Terrifying! As parents, we do the best we can with our kids, and hope that others will not pass judgement on us if they cry, talk out, or puke all over themselves at less than convenient times. SO, that being said, I was kind of offended at the older mother for shushing someone else's kid. And then once she did shush him, she and her daughter both started convulsing when silent laughter. The daughter looked at her and said, "thank you" with a tone as if her mother had just saved the church from some heathen causing a disruption. This is the same daughter who was constantly looking back at Z and I, and our precious SLEEPING daughter, with one of the nastiest stink eyes I have ever seen, the entire service. If she ever has children I hope they are constantly crying during public events. SHEEEEESH!

Stepping off my soap box...

After attending mass we joined our friends for a Mother's Day brunch at Flying Biscuit! YUM! The couple has a daughter who is almost 8 months so we ended up being "that table with the babies are either crying, cooing, or throwing things on the floor". It was a blast, and SO delicious! Once Z gets past the harder parts of his diet I'm buying the Flying Biscuit cookbook so I can ATTEMPT to replicate the GLORIOUS food! After brunch we went home, took pictures to fulfill my need to document everything, and relaxed a bit before having dinner with Z's parents. It was a lovely, albeit rainy day!

Sunday night Keelin started having a bit of a cough and a stuffy, snotty nose. Yep, her first cold. She's still snotty and coughs a bit every now and then, but you would never know it! She's just as happy and smiley as ever and I'm definitely envious of her grace! It actually makes me laugh and breaks my heart all at the same time when she starts coughing but tries to smile between each cough. And it never fails that on the last cough of the bunch she lets out a goofy coo that is too precious for words! She's such a trooper! How come when adults get the sniffles it's like the whole world is going to end but my 4 1/2 month old is taking hers like a champ? I've had the humidifier on high every night, am armed with saline drops and the dreaded suction bulb {she's not a fan}, and we even turned the guest bathroom into a sauna yesterday to help loosen up the gunk. Hopefully it wont last long and she'll stay as happy as she is now! I'm so blessed to have such a sweet daughter.

Until next time...