Leftover Makeover: Pulled Pork Quesadilla

If there's one thing I love doing when it comes to planning meals, it's utilizing leftovers to make something delicious! Lately I've been a huge fan of crock pot meals because they are 1. extremely easy, 2. almost impossible to mess up, and 3. always produce leftovers! This past week I made some delicious pulled bbq pork {with the help of a McCormick seasoning packet}. It turned out really well and, as usual, left us with a ton of left over bbq!

While I totally love having leftovers I tend to get really bored eating something meal after meal so I didn't just want another bbq sandwich, I needed to switch things up! I put on my thinking cap and came up with an open-faced bbq pork quesadilla!

I smeared a thin layer of sour cream on a whole wheat tortilla...

... spread my pork leftovers across the tortilla...

... sprinkled the top with shredded cheddar cheese and toasted that sucker until it was nice and gooey!

Cut it four ways and thoroughly enjoyed every bite! It was juicy and gooey and the sour cream provided the right amount of tanginess to tone down the kick of the bbq. It was SO good that I decided not to leave any pork for Z and I made another all for ME! YUM YUM YUM!

The best meals are meals that will last well past the first dinner and this was the perfect example!

Until next time... 

What is your favorite leftover makeover? Please share!!!