Instead of spending tons of time and text listing off all the things Keelin did this week {like meet her Godmother, sleep in her crib for the first time and sleep through the from 11:00pm to 7:00am on her second night in her crib} I thought I'd take a different spin on this week's onesie post. Here goes nothin...

What I have learned about parenthood in the last 8 weeks:

  • Parenthood does not require a minivan.
  • A baby means daddy has one more person to blame his farts on... only now he's actually telling the truth when I look over with accusing eyes and he points down at the bean.
  • Spit up is, in fact, an acceptable fragrance for a night out on the town. And by night out on the town I mean emergency trip to the grocery store for more diapers.
  • No matter how many times I hear it, I can never get enough of people telling me how adorable my baby is... because I know it's true.
  • There is no shame in secretly taking an extra 10 minutes alone with my child when I "excuse" myself to breastfeed, just because I'd rather be alone with her than anywhere else.
  • Just because my baby is dressed in pink from head to toe, I shouldn't assume a stranger would automatically know it's a girl. Some people just don't know obvious when it smacks them in the face.
  • There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be a SAHM.
  • When I'm going on outfit #3 and it's only 11:00 am, I have every right to let my child go with a onesie slightly decorated in spit up... just to avoid another "IDON'TWANTTOBECHANGED" cry-fest.
  • I don't need an alarm clock to tell me it's time to nurse my baby... my boobs will give me the heads up. I just try not to grab them when they "go off".
  • I never actually shrugged off the parents that talked about never knowing they could love something so much until their child was born, but now I actually understand what they meant.
  • I should never underestimate the ability of a man to sleep through a symphony of tears. Whether it be mine or the babies, chances are he won't hear either, but that's ok.
  • If you are 8 weeks into being a first time parent and you haven't looked at your unconsolable crying child and desperately asked them, "WHAT DO YOU WANT???", you probably accidentally brought a robot baby home from the hospital.
  • Poop really isn't as bad as I imagined it would be and blowouts are kind of hysterical.
  • A true friend doesn't care if I pop my boob out in the middle of a conversation. An infant's lunch time is lunch time no matter who is around.
{The following are submissions from the hubs}
  • Parenthood has inspired me to get involved in the inner workings of my community. Keelin will need other kids to play with some day after all.
  • I now know that babies can puke twice their weight.
  • Whiskey never tasted so good.
  • How little space we actually have.
  • Any parent-child relationship on TV has the ability to make me tear up at the drop of a hat.
  • Naps are more valuable than gold and silence has never been so sweet.
  • ... and so much more!

Until next time...