Hump Day Bump Day - 37 weeks = FULL TERM!

I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FULL TERM!   Although my due date isn't until the 26th, Keelin could make her big entrane any day now and be totally healthy. SQUEEEEE! I can hardly believe it. I was telling Z last night that I feel like it's much more "real" for everyone else in our lives BUT us. Don't get me wrong... it's not like I don't realize I'm about to be a mother in a matter of days/weeks {holy crap} but I really think it won't fully sink in until I'm holding this sweet little girl {takes a moment to rub belly in admiration}.

On a side note... While Z has made it known that he things a Christmas day baby would be really amazing, he's changed his prediction a bit after learning something interesting about the next few days.  As it turns out, Saturday there will be a full moon which has been known to bring about MORE births than the average day. Both my mother and Z's mother sent us emails yesterday giving us a heads up that the full moon is a comin' and so might be Keelin. While it's not an EXACT science, I think there is something to be said for the fact that BOTH Z and I were born during full moons {at least my mom went into labor during the full moon and I showed up slightly after}. So... who knows, maybe Keelin's birthday will be closer to the 10-11 than the 25-26. Any predictions? Any readers out there that were full moon babies or HAD full moon babies?

*How far along? 37 weeks 2 days today!

*Total weight gain/loss: healthy healthy healthy!

*How big is baby? 19 to 22 inches, 6 lbs + .I have officially reached WATERMELON status on TheBump!

*Maternity clothes? Absolutely. LOVE LOVE LOVE my maternity clothes!

*Stretch Marks? Nope… still lathering away!

*Best moment this week? Hearing Keelin's heartbeat at the doctor's apt on Monday! Every time she would kick her heartbeat would pick up... I loved it! AND, I think our midwife has predicted Keelin will be here before Christmas. She made the comment during my check-up that I'd be "unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree". Whether that means with a bump in my lap or a baby, I'm not sure. I guess we'll find out!

*Movement? Seriously, I'm pretty sure she has so little room in there, I feel her ALL DAY LONG!

*Food Cravings? Nothing in particular this week. Still loving ice water though!

*What I miss: I definitely get uncomfortable much quicker if I'm in a position for too long. Z and I had dinner and went to see HUGO {MUST SEE!!!} with our friends Ike and Leah over the weekend. Both and dinner and during the movie I got pretty uncomfortable.

*What I am looking forward to: We still haven't installed the carseat {shame on us} so that's something I'm excited to get done. That and finishing packing our hospital bag!

*Nausea/Vomiting? nope!

*Labor signs? Felt a little lower discomfort last night, but I think it was more my hips adjusting than anything else. Other than that, just those good old Braxton Hicks

*Gender? little girl!

*Belly Button in or out? Mostly flat with a little pop happening!

*Wedding rings on or off? Still on!

*Sleep? It varies night to night now. I'm still getting up at least once for a bathroom run but I do feel like I've become less shifty.

*Weekly Wisdom:  I am 24 years old and only just this week watched It's a Wonderful Life. If you haven't seen it yet... you must. :) It truly is... a wonderful life we live.
Until next time...
Last chances to make your prediction for Keelin's arrival date! Check the Little Manatee page and VOTE on the poll!