Searching for Guest Bloggers... calling all awesome friends!

Hello friends! It’s coming down to the wire on my preggo countdown {6 weeks… squeeee!} and I’m in super PREP-mode for Keelin’s arrival. Washing baby clothes/blankets/sheets, interviewing pediatricians, pre-cooking and freezing meals, preparing the pups for a new arrival, getting ALL my Christmas shopping done {eek!} and a ton MORE. I feel like there is still SO MUCH TO DO and so little time to do it in! Here’s hoping that I can manage it all!

And that’s where YOU come in!

I’m in need of some FABULOUS guest bloggers for the week(s) surrounding Keelin’s GRAND ENTRANCE! My goal is to get around a dozen people to help me fill some of the ‘dead space’ that will inevitably happen as we adjust to life with our wonderful new family member. I plan on writing as much as I can ahead of time but I would love to share my space with YOU!

I’m really open to all blog topics and styles, because it will be all about YOU and YOU only!

Have a business you’d like to advertise? Hello… free advertisement space!

Have a funny story that you have been dying to share? Do it here!

Are you also pregnant and in prep-mode for your new addition? Spill it mama!

Do you feel bad for all my Boston Terrier madness and feel like sharing your own pet horror stories? PUH-LEASE share your story!

Have a fantastic recipe that you’d love to share? Talk about it here and then make some for me!

I’m a fan of SO many different types of blogs that I’m welcoming just about everything!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED {and I REALLY hope you are} please leave a comment with your name, email address and an idea of something you might possibly be interested in writing about! I’ll shoot you a personal email with more details so we can get you FEATURED!

I’d like to have all content in by December 3 so I can have time to get things scheduled before DDay AND I’d like to do an “about the blogger” section at the bottom of every post so you can brag about yourself a bit and advertise for your own blog! It’s all about spreading the love people!

SO… enough coercion from me {although I’m sure I’ll be doing a reminder post closer to Thanksgiving… because I’m that thankful for all of you!}. Please let me know if you are interested!!

Until next time...