What NOT TO SAY to a pregnant lady… and suggestions of possible alternatives that wont result in a right hook to the kisser.

I know this is a topic I have touched on before {like here and here}… but since people continue to amaze me, I find the need to address it ONCE AGAIN! You would be surprised the ridiculous things that come out of people’s mouths when talking to a mommy-to-be. I’ve touched on a few of the “are you kidding me?” comments I’ve gotten throughout my pregnancy, but I thought I would highlight a few more just for fun… and provide suggestions for alternative comments that won’t earn you a preggo biotch slap.

When someone announces that they are expecting: DO NOT SAY… Oh wow, was it planned or an accident? Instead, say… Congratulations, you must be so excited!

When someone tells you they are just beginning their 2nd trimester but they look big enough to be well into their 3rd: DO NOT SAY… WOW, you already look like you’re going to pop! Are you sure you’re going to make it to 40 weeks? Instead, say… That’s great, how are you feeling?

When you learn that someone’s baby is due within a few days of Christmas: DO NOT SAY… Oh, poor kid. Sucks having a birthday that close to the holidays. Instead say… Aw, what a wonderful gift!

When someone starts to talk about the labor process: DO NOT SAY…. Oh gross, that’s the most disgusting thing ever, I can’t even think about that, ew. Instead say… NOTHING… walk away if you are totally grossed out. A woman who is prepping for the miracle of life does not want to know how ‘gross’ you think she is for bringing another human into the world. Thanks.

When someone tells you they are planning on having a natural childbirth: DO NOT SAY… What, Oh My God, that’s going to hurt so bad! You’re going to be in so much pain! Instead say… Wow, you’re a stronger woman than me, I don’t think I could handle it but I hope your plan works out.

Let me remind you that I am fully aware that people’s opinions of having kids and being pregnant are going to vary and it’s not for everyone. That’s fine! But realize that, just because something comes to your mind, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t filter it as it transitions to someone else’s ear… ESPECIALLY if they are pregnant! If you fail to take my advice and choose to go with any of these DO NOT SAY options, I think every mommy-to-be should have full rights to unleash her super hormonal preggo powers and take you OUT. So just beware… one day, we may retaliate with full force!

 Until next time…

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