Creamy Dreamy Cheesy Cheddery Pimento Cheese Spread

One of the first actual "cravings" I had after getting pregnant was pimento cheese. Totally strange, but totally delicious! The craving hit during our 4th of July festivities while we were out on the lake with friends and I realized that one of the items on the day's menu was a pimento cheese roll. YUM! It was homemade pimento cheese and I had to get the recipe. Thankfully it was super easy and not very strict on measurements so at the next grocery trip I made sure to snag all the ingredients:

I'm a total bonehead and forgot to take a picture of the final {secret} ingredient...jalepeno!

Now you know what to get, here's what to do with it:

Be sure the cheese and cream cheese are nice and soft. I recommend leaving them out for a few hours over microwaving but either works.

Cut the cheese into blocks for easier blending

Add the rest of the ingredients {eyeball it, if you will} and blend blend BLEND!

The end result is a super smooth, super delicious, cheddar overload of bliss!

Now you can share in my first preggo craving... although you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy it!

Until next time...

Do you have a BEYOND easy recipe that is loose enough that you can eyeball the quantities and still come out with a delicious result?