Baby Belly Beach Bums... HELP ME FRIENDS!

I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands and I'm turning to you, my beautiful blogger buddies, to help me make a VERY IMPORTANT DECISION. Brace yourselves and PLEASE let your opinions run free! So, as you know, I'm preggo and even though my bump is minimal, it's definitely there and definitely growing {pictures coming soon, I promise}. And now that I've backed off on my dancing a bit, I feel like Little Manatee is really going to start stretching out and showing me who's boss.  Already taking over my life...  Here's where the dilemma comes in: I'm heading out on a week-long vacation toward the end of this month with my ENTIRE family! SO EXCITED!  I only have one concern and it's not the drive up or the chance of morning sickness or the possibility of getting sunburned... all those things are easy peasy lemon squeezy... The big concern is whether or not I should go bikini bold or cover my blubber. Okay, it's now blubber, it's a baby, but still.  WHAT DO I DO?  I've been browsing preggo photos to see if one or the other really just grosses me out but I'm just as torn as ever!

I think one of the most complicated parts of this dilemma is that I have no idea how big the belly will be at 18 weeks. I can assume, but I've only really JUST started showing and there's no telling if Little Manatee will kick into growth overdrive in the next weeks.

Basically I'm welcoming any and all opinions.  For those of you who have had children and were preggo during bathing suit season... what did you do? For those of you who aren't preggo but are totally grossed out to bare bikini bellies... tell me about it! For those of you who welcome the skin and find it a beautiful celebration of life... share your thoughts! Hold nothing back! AND if you know of a great place to get maternity suits... share! I have found a few really great places but I'm sure some of you know some secret maternity hot spots!

Until next time...  HAPPY FRIDAY AND FIRST OF JULY... The first of July can ONLY mean one thing this year... ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT UNTIL HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2!!! Squeeeee! *I do not own these photos, sources provided.