Shiny New Toy!

It's been a long time coming {and I know in the grand scheme of things I'm WAY behind the times} but I FINALLY got a smart phone! An iPhone 4 to be exact! No more Zack Morris fossil phone for me! My inability to check my email and do online searches from the palm of my hand is a thing of the past and I feel like a brand new woman. Okay, it's not THAT serious, but I'M SO EXCITED! The hubs and I have been talking about getting me an iPhone for a while now {he's been an apple fan boy for years and is always up to date with the latest technology} and have been patiently waiting for a refurbished iPhone 4 to show it's bright shining face. Unfortunately, when one did become available we waiting too long and missed the boat. Lame. SO, I reluctantly said we could just wait for another to surface and I would be fine with my fossil for the time being. Well, I get home yesterday and Z asks me to come into the living room to look at some paint samples {we are in the process of painting the exterior of the house AS WELL AS our bedroom and the soon-to-be nursery of course}. He stopped me 1/2 way and pointed to a drawer on the table our TV rests on and asked me, "Are any of those photos in there yours?" Confused, I opened the drawer and just stared, looking for what photos he could be talking about. Thinking my hubby was a big of a fool but not wanting him to feel bad {because there were no photos to be found} I simply shook my head and said no. About 2 seconds into my head shake I realized that the iPhone box I had been staring at since I opened the drawer was NOT his iPhone 3 box but a BRAND NEW iPhone 4 BOX. OH JOYOUS DAY!

Needless to say the rest of the night was spent {between cooking dinner and watching an episode of LOST} adding fun apps, playing Angry Birds and transferring my phone numbers over from el fossil de LG. Now all I have to do is keep myself from playing with my new toy all day. The temptation may be my most difficult adventure to date.

Until next time... Get your hands on any fancy-pants new technology lately? Please share!