Hangin' With The Fam

I'm finally getting around to posting about all the fun we had last weekend when my parents came to visit. It was a relaxing and beautiful weekend filled with puppies, parks and plays!We found a great little park right up the road and decided to take the puppies out for a romp. The weather was perfect and the pups LOVED running around... well, running with their leashes. Ignore my unruly hair and focus on the happiness. Can't every weekend be this blissful??

Not sure what they were staring at but I'm sure it was serious! Notice their ears... Buster looks like a little bat and Pigs has adapted this single ear pop look. It's too cute!

The park was beautiful and we spent about an hour just sitting around soaking in the rays. I managed to bring back a few MASSIVE mosquito bites but all in all it was a wonderful day out. When we got back to the house Mom went on an adventure of her own....

Biker Babe! Surprisingly, NOT her first time on a bike!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend that I was sad to see end but at least I got some great pictures to document it.

Until next time...