Sweet Scottie: 1 Year!!!!

  • You've started cutting TWO MORE MOLARS. Like I said... making short work of that nasty teething business!
  • You have started this new roly poly game where you grab a toy (usually a stuffed animal), flop on the floor, and hug it rolling back and forth. Its ADORABLE.
  • You're picking up sign language really well, mostly using more and all done during meal times. We are working on please as well. 
  • You talk up a storm but aren't saying much. Still mostly dada and some other silly noises but you have the best inflection, just like you're carrying on a regular conversation! We've even started to notice you saying thank you (deh doo) when we give you something.
  • You LOVE the pool! I can't wait for our beach vacation and to see what you do with the sand and ocean. I have a feeling we'll be racing to catch you as you attempt running straight into the water. 
  • Sitting down is for the birds. You always try to escape your high chair and are especially quick to stand up out of the shopping cart seat, even finding a way to wriggle free of the safety straps. 
  • We made it to a year of nursing! It doesn't seem like you have plans to stop any time soon, and that's fine with me. I love our snuggle/bonding time. 
  • You celebrated your first birthday with a quaint dinner featuring a few family and friends, and you loved your first cupcake. Well, you loved smearing the icing all over your face and then throwing the cake on the floor. 

It has been an amazing, chaotic, and FUN year. We are so thankful to have you as a member of our crazy little circus and can't wait to see what the future holds!

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Sweet Scottie: 11 Months

  • You cut tooth #8 and started cutting TWO molars! 
  • Sleeping through the night is still something I ANXIOUSLY await but I'm just blaming the ferocity of your teeth cutting and praying once you knock them all out you'll be able to find rest. (Mama too!)
  • You think crawling is for chumps and can more often be seen RUNNING around the house with big brother and big sister. 
  • You're turning out to be a stuffed animal/baby doll lover. Whenever you find one you'll pull it to your chin and snuggle sweetly. 
  • You are fearless and tough. Trying to climb up everything (you scale the stairs with ease) and not flinching when you take a spill. I have a feeling you are going to be one of those little girls whose knees and hands are always scraped from adventures! 

Sweet Scottie: 10 Months

  • You cut tooth #7 and started eating solids 
  • You are quite the little beaver and love chewing on/biting just about everything... including remotes, the window sill, and mommy.
  • You took your first steps and now can't sit still. You split your travels pretty equally between walking and crawling. 
  • You did great on our road trip to Va to visit Gammie and Granddaddy. It was a LONG trip and you hardly fussed. 
  • You love playing with your siblings and definitely don't let them walk all over you. You even bopped your brother on the head when he took a toy away from you. I foresee you holding your own and being the bulldog of the group. 
  • You can clap and wave and love doing both!
  • You are pretty clingy, especially around strangers, and have been known to stare at unknown faces before bursting into tears. 
  • You love green beans, carrots, cooked apples, and puffs!
  • You love bath time, tolerate having your diaper changed (but usually try escaping as soon as I lay you down), and still aren't a fan of sleeping through the night. 
  • Your personality is so fun and it's obvious you are going to be a very inquisitive, outgoing, and fearless little girl. 

Until next time...

Sweet Scottie: 9 Months

  • You started crawling and are into everything! We've had to quickly baby proof and big brother and sister are having to adjust to you being able to reach their toys. 
  • Your new mobility makes it tough to keep hold of you while standing still. You always want to get down and explore!
  • Your feet are your most ticklish spot!
  • You don't really talk (a few dada's here and there) but are very vocal with squeals, grunts, and growls!
  • You had your first Urgent Care visit and were put on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection/ear infection. Mama had flashbacks of taking the "pink stuff"as a kid!
  • You love to clap and flash that gorgeous grin!
  • We are trying to teach you "no" and you'll generally stop what you're doing when you hear it, but then grin at us and go right back to bring naughty!
  • You are in the 97th percentile in weight, height, and head circumference.
  • You're fully in 12 month clothes... and even some of those are snug!

Until next time...

Sweet Scottie: 8 Months

  • You said "dada"!
  • You are getting better and better at pulling up and will shimmy around your activity table.
  • You're still waking up often at night but getting better every week! 
  • You can stand unassisted! Eventually you'll rock back to your bottom or lean forward for someone's hand but we're blown away by your balance!
  • You got your first nasty cough. :(
  • You tried lots of new foods this month! Chicken, peaches, beets, blueberries (a favorite!), and raspberries.
  • You have 6 teeth!
  • You love sucking at your teeth and clicking your tongue. 
  • You love love LOVE your siblings and let them do just about anything to you. You don't even bat an eye when K smooshes your cheeks or HG lays across you. 
  • You aren't crawling quite yet but will roll, turn, and scoot your way all over the floor.
  • You are so happy and have the brightest smile! 
  • You love biting mommy's shirts at the shoulder, and unfortunately snag her sometimes instead.
  • You gave mommy a loud and long laugh while being tickled. <3

Until next time...